As shown by numerous studies, anyone can lose weight, in principle. However, in this issue the main thing is to keep the results. In order not only to lose weight, but also to stay slim after your diet, you need to radically change your lifestyle.

This diet is quite diverse and balanced. The daily ration is divided between three main meals and four snacks. It is this diet regime that modern doctors advise to adhere to in order to maintain the correct metabolism and to lose excess pounds. After successfully losing weight, you also need to save the results.

To make excess pounds stay away, you need to eat correctly after the diet. To do this, it is necessary to gradually increase the calorie content of your daily diet, but for two weeks after the end of the diet, it is necessary to limit the intake of fatty and sweet foods. Mayonnaise is also not recommended. You can replace it with vegetable oils or citrus juice.

So, your diet plans can be the following:

#1. Early morning: apple cider vinegar and warm water.

Breakfast: 2 boiled egg whites and a bowl of fruits.

Pre-lunch: 100 gr of yogurt.

Lunch: lettuce taco and yogurt sauce.

Post-lunch: watermelon.

Evening snack: green tea and two biscuits.

Dinner: vegetable salad with fat-free sauce.

#2. Early morning: honey, lemon juice and warm water.

Breakfast: oatmeal with strawberries.

Pre-lunch: green tea.

Lunch: cabbage soup and fat-free yogurt.

Post-lunch: one peach and one orange.

Evening snack: green tea and two biscuits.

Dinner: boiled lentils with stir fried French beans, capsicum, and peas with a dash of chopped garlic.

#3. Early morning: carrot, tomato, cucumber and spinach smoothie.

Breakfast: multigrain bread, 2 boiled egg whites and one banana.

Pre-lunch: kiwi juice.

Lunch: chicken soup with vegetables and yogurt.

Post-lunch: one pear and one orange.

Evening snack: green tea and two biscuits.

Dinner: vegetable soup with wheat bread.