Are you tired of that boring cardio? It is time to make your treadmill routine more fun! Whether you want to run for five minutes or for one hour, we would like to show you treadmill workouts that can help you burn extra fat easy and fast.

These workouts were created by Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer. These routines include speed changes, incline changes and other activities. Intense interval training workout are the best way to slim down, as they can make you burn calories even after you finish training.

So if you want to build strength and improve your figure, scroll down to read how to perform these five treadmill training routines for slimming down. By using these training routines, you will easily get in shape!

#1. Five-minute workout

This workout can act as a warming up to prevent injuries before weight lifting training. Run the first minute at the speed 7,0. Run the second minute at the speed 7,0. And repeat this alternation for five minutes.

#2. Ten-minute workout

This workout resembles the mountain walk. You need to walk up the hill and run down. This training routine is great for those who don’t have time to do full cardio, but who want to get in shape fast.

#3. Twenty-one minute workout

This workout is the imitation of running in Chicago city. So if you want to enjoy the walk around Chicago, use this training routine. Just make sure you do a short period of recovery.

#4. Twenty-minute workout

This cardio session starts easy, but then you increase the intensity and the incline. Each run interval lasts for four minutes, but the last one is very difficult. Anyway, you can do it!

#5. Forty-minute workout

This workout consists of walking, jogging, and running for forty minutes. It is a great way to slim down, boost your stamina and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

As you see, these workouts can be helpful for any person. So if you are looking for effective running workouts, you should try them!