Fitness has become a fashion, every day there are new clubs, methods of weight loss and hundreds of new adherents of some kind of fitness exercises. Everything looks like people are leading a healthy lifestyle, but in practice at least 50% of beginners quit their classes in the first three months.

Statistics show that people lack something very important for the formation of sustainable behavior and the development of habits for a new way of life. Most people say that motivation for training is considered dissatisfaction with your body. Many people really realize how one day all the problems will disappear, if they just become slim and muscular. However, then they give up their workouts without any regrets.

The problem is that their motivation lies outside their personality, it comes from outside. Internet, TV, society – everything translates the image of the ideal body. An ordinary person hears thousands of times in his life how he should and should not live, but most people remain true to their habits and can not change their way of life.

Moreover, almost everyone will say that being healthy is very important, but only a few people do something on a daily basis to really be healthy. Here lies the second problem of motivation: the concept of health is too abstract and distant to work as a motivation. While the health problems are not obvious, doing something seems meaningless to almost all people.

Everything usually ends here: we just start thinking how hard we will need to work to change our physical conditions, and we immediately abandon this idea. This happens because understanding of the problem is the first and important, but, alas, the most difficult step towards a healthy lifestyle. If you can not properly motivate yourself for sports, everything will be limited only by dreams of harmony. Let’s look at the most effective ways to get motivated for working out:

#1. Find a friend who has the same desires as you have. You will motivate each other not to skip exercising. Support is always needed, even in the gym. You will want to achieve great results if people behind you are cheering you up. You will want not just to justify their expectations, but also to prove them that you can do more. Knowing that someone else’s eyes are watching you is the best motivation for getting an ideal body.

#2. Make it a priority. Write down all your workouts in your daily planner. This will help you not forget about them. Also, you can write down your results. It is necessary that you see what you did the previous day, saw the dynamics of development and realized that everything is not in vain. Immediately it may seem that you are not approaching success. Looking through the diary, you will realize that you are slowly but surely moving towards your goal, and this understanding will certainly give you strength.

#3. Get up earlier. If you get up just fifteen or twenty minutes earlier, you will have time to exercise. Making this a routine, you will see how your mood and body changes. Ten or fifteen minutes a day are hundred times better than nothing, remember this.

#4. Try the five-minute rule. Set a timer and exercise at least five minutes. This is very important not to stop exercising just after starting. Believe, it is worth starting and you will not want to stop training.

#5. Incentivize yourself. Stimulate yourself, for example, but beautiful sport clothes and wear then only when you are exercising, promise yourself to watch your favorite TV show only after your workout or promise yourself to buy those shoes that you want after a month of exercising. Buy bright stickers in the stationery store and write motivating phrases there. They will cheer you, even if you are in a bad mood. You can also write on the mirror the figures of the desired weight and body parameters to remind yourself what you are aiming for.

#6. Spread it out. Some ladies are so busy that they can not find even fifteen minutes for working out. In this case you can set an alarm clock every hour and stand up, walk or make some exercises for several minutes.

#7. Find an activity you actually like. This is the most important thing. If you do what you do not like, you will not have a big desire to continue. Try various types of exercising until you find the best for you.