There is a huge amount of research devoted to the issue of excess weight throughout the world. The reasons why the issue of obesity has become so relevant these days are various anything on the scale form modern ways of living to genetics can trigger the problem. But once it has been admitted that obesity is the problem – scientists started looking for the perfect solution for this problem.

The thing is that many people who have tried losing weight and failed mostly blame themselves for being unable to deal with own problem but the truth is sometimes pretty controversial. Even though it has been stated from almost everywhere starting with social media and ending with impressive amounts of books written, that all you need to do is to start eating healthily and workout – this approach does not work for all people equally.

Like many types of research show in order to successfully deal with the problem, you need to be aware of what triggers it and where it is situated. The thing is that there is not just one type of fat and thus you can use same weight loss approach for everyone. No, the truth is that there are a least six body fat types out there and in order for you to lose weight effectively you must know which one is yours. And that is what we are going to try to help you with today!

Before we proceed with types of fat itself, you need to know the ways fat distributes, and it mostly distributes in two ways – android and gynoid. Android distribution pattern is the one possessed mostly by men while gynoid is the one usually observed in women.

Now, it is time to learn all about various types of fat, causes of its development and ways of getting rid of it!

#1. Upper Body

Obesity As you may already know that fat distributed in two ways and upper body fat is of the android type, but you can spot it in both men and women pretty equally. The reason what triggers this type of fat is increased consumption of food especially the sweets. That is why in order to get rid of it you are bound to forget about the sweets and become more physically active, at least thirty minutes a day can serve you good.

#2. Stomach-Centered Obesity

Many people are working hard on their stomach areas these days since 6-pack abs are on the edge of popularity. But while some people achieve that toned up stomach in a matter of weeks others deal with the issue a lot longer than that. The thing is that this type of fat is triggered by increased stress levels, anxiety, and depression. That is why in order to get rid of it you need to deal with your mental health first. Meditation would be the best way out.

#3. Lower Body Obesity

Whether it may surprise you or not but women are the category of people that are affected by lower body fat most. The reasons are still unstated, that is why there is no precise recipe what exactly you need to eliminate from your life, but there is a proper choice of physical exercising that may help you deal with the issue. Resistance training combined together with some cardio is you best suitable option to deal with excess lower body fat.

#4. Swollen Stomach

Obesity It is the fact that such a type of obesity exists and it may be the easiest to deal with if you wish for it hard enough. The thing is that there are two reasons that trigger this type of body fat –alcohol and breathing difficulties. Once you cut off the excessive alcohol consumption and start some breathing exercises, you will be able to deal with the issue in no time.

#5. Lower Body

Obesity that Includes Lower Legs This one also affects women mostly, pregnant ones in particular. The thing is that there is too much pressure on your lower legs and need to find some ways of relieving it. The best way to deal with the issue would be to take up water aerobics, but if that is not the option, then you should at least try to sit with your legs up for a while throughout the day.

#6. Large Stomach with Upper Back Fat

This type of fat mostly affects men, and the cause of that is pretty obvious – too much food too little exercise. That is why to get rid of it you need to swap the two – eat less and exercise more. This is the simplest and the most effective way out if you want to lose some of the weight.