A double chin is always a big problem. It is often observed in full-bodied people.however, it can also be seen in those who are naturally slim, which is even more offensive. Read these tips and try them for yourself. Do them in your free time, and the result will be fantastic.

#1. The Ducklips

Raise your head up and pucker your lips. This method helps the neck muscles to become more elasticated.

#2. The Excellent Face Form

Push your jaw forward, then turn your head. Doing this, your muscles should be strained. Then change side.

#3. Touch the Nose

Try to touch your nose with your tongue and hold your finger under your chin. Do it several times, then relax

#4. The Ladle

Wrap your lower lip over your lower teeth. Tilt your head, scoop up and close your mouth. While doing this, it is important that the corners of your lips are relaxed. Repeat 7-10 times.

#5. Fighting

While watching a movie or your favorite TV series, just hold your fists under your chin. They provide resistance and help to get rid of a stubborn double chin.