The advantage of juices is that they are easily digested and, when ingested, almost immediately saturate all organs and tissues with oxygen, which is an indispensable element for their normal functioning. Cleansing the intestines with juices from harmful substances and toxins normalizes metabolic processes in the body, which leads to rapid weight loss.

Naturally, if you eat high-calorie, fatty and salty foods, they will not give any effect. Therefore, you will have to give up this type of foods and keep a rigid diet during your cleansing procedure, which assumes eating only healthy foods like steamed vegetables or baked salmon throughout the day.

It is worth noting that buying store juice for the purification of the body is unreasonable, since all the fruits and vegetables included in their composition are heat treated and lose 90% of useful properties. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare the juice yourself from fresh vegetables and fruits.

We offer you to try this effective receipt. It is very simple in preparation and you will easily find all necessary ingredients: take organic apple juice, fresh lemon juice, ginger juice, sea salt and water. Warm the water, then add salt there.

The next step is to add all juices and to mix. Drink this cleansing remedy three times a day on an empty stomach. Despite the fact that freshly squeezed juices have a beneficial effect on the body, they also have contraindications. Look at the cases, when they can not be taken:

#1. In the presence of acute colitis and kidney stone disease, you can not drink citrus fruit juices;

#2. With diabetes of the first type, you can not drink any juices, except beetroot, and with type 2 diabetes you can not drink fruit and berry juices;

#3. Citrus fruit juices are also contraindicated in case of gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Such diet should not last more than 7 days. After a week of drinking juices, it is necessary to add other foods to the diet, like eggs and dairy products. You should stick to such a diet until you reach the desired result.